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“I will work hard and

deliver results for the

people of Elwick,

with independence and experience the community can rely on”

Bec Thomas

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Putting My Experience to Work for You

  • With my experience in local government, and as Mayor of Glenorchy, I understand the value of working collaboratively and proactively to deliver outcomes and resolve issues.

  • I will work with government and any member of parliament to ensure the best results for Elwick.

  • I am not party aligned and never have been. If elected, I will use my seat to ensure the people of Elwick’s best interests are served at every point, and no party should take my vote for granted.

  • As Mayor I have demonstrated that I don’t shirk the tough issues – being prepared to listen, evaluate and make decisions based on what people need is always my focus.

  • I will continue to be a strong voice for this community; in not only speaking on its behalf, but in arguing for and helping to develop solutions.

I'll continue to work hard for you, with a focus on:

  • Better access to health care – including a permanent BreastScreen Tasmania service in Glenorchy.

  • Breaking cycles of crime and disadvantage – early intervention programs alongside initiatives to address immediate issues, so everyone feels safe.

  • More support for businesses to be able to open their doors without fear of crime and vandalism.

  • Faster action on transport solutions.

  • Greater opportunities for people to live, work and play in Elwick - more housing, jobs and facilities.

“I am a passionate advocate for this area. I was born and raised in Glenorchy; it is a place I love and continue to call home. I will give the people of Elwick the representation they deserve”


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